The incredible lightness of your compliance processes

Collect, analyze and approve compliance risks regarding employees and contractors in a single online service!

Your processes have wings when...

Everything is transparent, and there is enough information
Information from various sources: systems, services and registries, is collected in one place, there are no gaps.
Only procedures, no bureaucracy

Efficiently work with thousands of process participants. The results are recorded automatically.
Know and control your risks

Attention zones are determined automatically, work gaps cannot be missed, and exceptions are convenient to approve.

Current processes in the Eclir service

How does it work?

Customize your procedure

Choose compliance risk and the proforma that is designed for it.
Define the circle of people to undergo the procedure.
Set the deadline and criteria for automatic verification.
Participants present personal information
Each participant (employee, counterparty) receives an e-mail with a unique link to access his web account.
The participant fills in the risk proforma in the online system.
Our system compares information for risk analysis
The system gets data from a risk proforma, and compares it with sources of information about risks. Certain legal entities and individuals have a list of risk indicators that indicate the presence of specific data.
Approve exceptions or start an investigation
If required by the procedure, management will additionally authorize the exceptions and approve the acceptance of specific risks.
If necessary, you can start an internal investigation - all data is saved for the future in the system.
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Painless ethics management and compliance is a click away from you.
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