Conflicts of Interest Management

Starting from disclosure and up to the resolution

Disclosure procedure preparation

Deadline statement. Creation of a declaration form for process participants. Definition and grouping participants by risk level. Approving routing and range criteria definition.

Disclosure process

Emails to participants with access link to their personal accounts.Participants fill in declaration forms, attach files and indicate contractors for further analysis in the system. Automatic validation of information upon data entry and manual validation upon being assigned.

Follow up

The manager reviews the status of filling in the declarations and reports on the procedure. A "debtor" report allows to send reminders to those who delay the process.


The system ranks and distributes declarations according to criteria. The system assigns risk indicators to declarations for processing and approval, compares the information with sources.The manager checks the declarations that draw attention.


Authorized users approve the declaration. Declarants take measures to resolve. The manager checks the measures taken and changes the status of the procedure in the system.

Other compliance processes

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