Ethibox - on premise solution

Ethibox is the optimum opportunity to get the process and workflow ready while remaining independent of third-party services while maintaining complete control over your data security risks as well as your server infrastructure.

In the box version, the full functionality of the Ethicontrol service, an analogue of services according to the tariff plan “Classic”, is activated.

  • Whistleblowing platform – Online application form for registration
  • Incident control panel
  • Protection of anonymity
  • Delegation of incidents
  • Access rights management
  • Branding
  • Multilingualism
  • Internal audits and investigations
  • Reporting panel
  • Auditor's log

Maximum control

The software is on a server you own – maximum control over the protection of the data stored on it. Full control over the risks of leaking and losing your data.

After the system is installed, you gain total control over your internal corporate service.

You control the functionality of the system yourself, and no one can change or reduce it.

Less dependence on the Internet and the ability to operate the system exclusively in a secure corporate space.

Security by your own standards

You will be able to determine the proper level of security of your server and communication channels.

Optionally, you can configure additional levels of encryption for both channels and data carriers.

You also define the physical security standards of your server, as well as the system backup requirements, without any restrictions, on your own.

Simple and convenient

You only need to buy a boxed solution and sign one license agreement.

Installing and configuring the software does not take much time, and the system requirements are minimal.

No additional agreements with data centres.

There is no need to sign confidentiality agreements or to disclose information.

No need to check the counterparty for honesty or other risks.

No additional costs and fees.

Paying for a one-time box solution eliminates the need to pay for the customer's subscription services annually or monthly.

The Ethibox solution includes free software maintenance for three years.

Implementation of Ethibox

  1. Harmonization of input legal terms
  2. The choice of process and methodological parameters
  3. Collecting and entering information for key directories
  4. Initial setup of portals, databases and systems 
  5. Approval of regulatory documents
  6. Access rights and cosmetics
  7. Testing and launching
  8. Teaching
  9. Campaigning
  10. Support
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