7 Compliance highlights 2021

To evolve in the right direction in 2022, we need to review what 2021 taught us. Check what we can remember of the year — anything to add?
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Top FCPA cases 2021 — lowest charges ever?

Our annual FCPA analytics is ready — what was so special about 2021?
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Whistleblowing regulation ISO 37002 — a milestone for 2021?

Another update and opportunity from ISO (International Organization for Standardization) — a complete guide on whistleblowing management systems 37002. What's inside, and is it worth buying?
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Top 10 FCPA cases of 2020. New records

For the fifth year now we have been collecting statistics on the largest FCPA cases.
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7 compliance highlights of 2020

2020 is coming to an end, and it's just time to have the last bite of it — compliance insights we've learned during the year. Best compliance officer and fraud ratings, new regulations and challenges which hit today and tomorrow are in our #Ethicontrol2020.
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Whistleblowing and laws in India — how does it work?

India is truly a newcomer in the world of whistleblowing — results of the new law of 2014 are visible, but the system is far from robust. Yet, India is one of the few countries which continues to implement new legislative initiatives in 2020. Will it be successful, and what safeguards India still requires?
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Top 5 management myths which lead to fraud losses

Trust, but also check — we reveal 5 myths about fraud people still believe even though they have been disproved multiple times. Managers don't steal, and fraud is rooted in mentality, or we can explain it differently?
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Compliance in 2020 — DOJ recommendations

What time is it? Compliance o'clock. 2019 and especially 2020 are determinant for compliance — it's the right time to show its effectiveness during one of the worst economic crises and implement the recommendations from DOJ.
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How pandemic time is changing compliance

Pandemic does make a difference in our daily life even though it's not always positive. What happens with compliance systems when they address more issues than ever?
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Public Integrity Handbook and Covid-19 response — updates from OECD

Breaking news: OECD finalized its integrity recommendations and released Public Integrity Handbook. Along with it, we've gathered some lessons and revelations from OECD live sessions obtained during a global pandemic — compliance and integrity are more important than ever before.
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