EU Whistleblowing Directive — what's in for betting and gambling industries?

The outsider of the whistleblowing campaign is slowly turning its attention to the market — that's for the betting and gambling industries. Any special requirements and risks for your company?
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EU Whistleblowing Directive — 2021 Progress Report

The deadline to implement the EU Whistleblowing Directive is coming soon — each EU country has to introduce its whistleblowing law in 2022. What is the progress, and who is an outsider?
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Anti-corruption programs and whistleblowing in Hungary — what the law says?

2021 can be a pivotal year for many European countries as a chance for legislative initiatives. The same goes for Hungary with its long history of corruption prevention attempts and new whistleblowing regulation. How relevant is Hungarian strategy in the new decade?
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Malta — whistleblowers have to flee?

Malta has been proved to be controversial when it comes to whistleblower protection. One of the few countries with the most comprehensive laws is also the one with a notorious corruption scandal and threatened whistleblowers. Should we jump to conclusions and say that whistleblowing in Malta didn't work out?
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When does whistleblowing start in Greece?

Greece doesn't have a whistleblower law yet — yet, the obligations to comply with new European legislation are pushing the country forward. Being halfway through, Greece still has many things to accomplish. In this overview, we've outlined what the potential of Greek legislation is and how whistleblowers are treated meanwhile.
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Cultural orientation has the strongest impact on whistleblowing behaviour, Whistleblowing in Iran.

Whistle-blowers, as members of a collective or as individual actors, are motivated to report wrongdoing in public service organizations of Iran. Whistle-blowing in the service organizations of public sector utilizes the mass media to call the attention of the public to corruption activities that are associated with the misuse of public funding in a direct way
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Is there any whistleblowing in the UAE?

A new country in our #whistleblowing reviews is the UAE: all thanks to its recent initiative on witness protection. When the largest economies choose to stand on the whistleblowers' side (sooner or later), it becomes a good sign of strengthening compliance standards.
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Singaporean approach to whistleblowing

How come Singapore is one of the most developed and prosperous economic centres on Earth, but does not have a robust whistleblowing protection system? The secret lies in its cultural values and complimentary anticorruption laws. Greet a jewel in our coverage of Asian whistleblowing laws and compliance systems.
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Anticorruption law in Ukraine — how it protects whistleblowers?| Rewards

A long history of Ukrainian anticorruption project is directly connected with the number of amendments to the law (and we sincerely hope that even more are on the way). Who are whistleblowers and why they should get a reward? We will discuss what unique Ukrainian law has and how it resembles the European Directive of 2019.
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Trinidad and Tobago — whistleblowing on pause

Even small countries make big steps towards ethical work environment — we've got Trinidad and Tobago on our list with 'whistleblower law'! Even though the law hasn't passed yet, we'll have a closer look at its perspectives.
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