Whistleblowers do not trust hotlines?

Why would your company establish a hotline if no one is willing to use it? And how to make a change so the employees would trust the company? We present a number of findings on corporate culture to show that gaining employees trust is challenging, but not impossible.
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Top 10 FCPA cases of 2020. New records

For the fifth year now we have been collecting statistics on the largest FCPA cases.
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EU Whistleblowing Directive — do whistleblowers stay anonymous?

The EU Whistleblowing Directive is always way ahead of all the previous legislations — is it true for anonymity? Is there a legal basis for anonymous reports?
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Whistleblowing Law — how to protect and react to whistleblowers reports?

How do we read whistleblower protection laws? Or, what would we look for if the ideal law existed? EU Whistleblowing Directive, Sapin II, SOX and others all inspired us to research whistleblowing law requirements. Does the EU Directive meet them?
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EU Whistleblowing Directive — QA

Don't want to dig into the EU Whistleblowing Directive's legal complications, but want to know more about whistleblowing? Ethicontrol answers 10 common questions about whistleblowing in 2021.
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EU Whistleblowing Directive — how to prepare your business?

New whistleblowing regulation in the EU requires not only public sector but private business owners (and partners) to communicate with and protect whistleblowers. What is the guide for a new regulation?
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EU Whistleblowing Directive — 2021 Progress Report

The deadline to implement the EU Whistleblowing Directive is coming soon — each EU country has to introduce its whistleblowing law in 2022. What is the progress, and who is an outsider?
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Anti-corruption programs and whistleblowing in Hungary — what the law says?

2021 can be a pivotal year for many European countries as a chance for legislative initiatives. The same goes for Hungary with its long history of corruption prevention attempts and new whistleblowing regulation. How relevant is Hungarian strategy in the new decade?
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Malta — whistleblowers have to flee?

Malta has been proved to be controversial when it comes to whistleblower protection. One of the few countries with the most comprehensive laws is also the one with a notorious corruption scandal and threatened whistleblowers. Should we jump to conclusions and say that whistleblowing in Malta didn't work out?
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7 compliance highlights of 2020

2020 is coming to an end, and it's just time to have the last bite of it — compliance insights we've learned during the year. Best compliance officer and fraud ratings, new regulations and challenges which hit today and tomorrow are in our #Ethicontrol2020.
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